Squirting Mastery 2.0

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Congratulations Mate,

You’ve successfully become part of the 300 people I’m letting in on my highly exclusive secrets to giving a woman maximum levels of sexual pleasure.

I’ve developed this course to give you the unique tools to unlocking your girl’s orgasmic floodgates, something I promise you no man has ever achieved.

Once she’s experienced this highly intense, full-body orgasm, you can be sure to see her even more aroused, even more orgasmic, and even highly addicted to having more sex with you.

Since making my popular original series, Squirting Orgasm Mastery, I’ve enhanced my original techniques and have developed even more new and exciting tricks that your girl is gonna go absolutely crazy for.

They’re a bit more advanced than the first and they’re not for your average guy looking for a quick fix.

These highly coveted methods are only for the masters, the guys who were bold enough to make it into our Private Members Area and get access to ALL of the demonstrations I showed in my $2,000 workshops this past July.

And now…these secrets are available exclusively to you to learn for yourself.

What You’re Going To Learn In This Course

Squirting 2.0 is broken into 5 different parts to cover all the necessary bases in making your girl squirt. From the novice to the highly advanced, these modules are designed to flow in order of increasing skill level. I highly recommend you watch them step-by-step in succession.

The order goes as follows:

Science of Squirting:

Start here to get your full-detailed tutorial on squirting body mechanics for both men and women, where I’m assisted by veteran squirter Coach Veronica. This definitely isn’t the science class you got in school, so pay careful attention!

Squirting Chemistry:

Here, Veronica and I dispel common myths and misconceptions about squirting. Listen carefully as we explain in full detail what goes into unleashing her “floodgates of pleasure.” I’ve also included detailed diagrams to give you a better understanding of how it all looks.

The Anatomy of Squirting:

Here you’ll learn how the woman’s body works in order to set off her “arousal chain reaction.” Learn the importance of her urethral sponge and why it’s not pee. Be sure to look for the specific physical clues in her outer vaginal lips that clue you into reaching her highest pleasure peak. Then pay close attention as Veronica describes different exercises you can both do to help her reach it.

Exploring The Senses:

Develop a heightened awareness of her sexual senses from Coach Veronica’s first-hand female perspective on squirting. Then follow along as I show you proper arm, hand, and finger positioning to finally start practicing my one-of-a-kind “spider man” technique. I cannot stress how important it is to learn the proper curling of your fingers and movement of your hand before you bring your girl in to try it out!

Squirting Orgasm Techniques:

Now watch closely as I get down to business and finally show you exactly what it looks like to make your girl squirt for the first time. In these one-on-one demonstrations, I introduce my self-made hand technique on virgin squirters and an adamant non-believer.

Squirting Induction with Kelly:

Coach Kelly has all the components of a virgin squirter: she’s nervous, tense, and also very curious. In this segment, I show you how to properly introduce squirting to your girl and the importance of prep-work before you start.

Converting the Disbelievers:

Coach Ash is no stranger to squirting and she doesn’t seem to think I can do anything different for her. If you have a common squirter on your hands like I do in this one, I’ll show you how to give her an even longer, stronger squirting orgasm faster than she’s ever experienced before.

Animalistic Squirting with Vicki:

Some girls don’t get turned on with soft and gentle caressing, just like Coach Vicki. A virgin to squirting herself, Coach Vicki actually needs me to get rough in order for her to get fully aroused, like plenty of other girls out there. If you have a naughtier girl on your hands, watch as I implement rougher, dirtier foreplay techniques to help another “virgin” reach her maximum pleasure potential and eventually burst in orgasmic excitement.

Squirting Orgasms Made Easy:

Nothing gets me going like a challenge, especially when it comes to making girls squirt. In this series, I up the ante by taking on two squirters at a time in each video segment. This series is designed to assist you in taking on an extra challenge yourself once you’ve perfected the squirting technique with your girl.

Demonstration with Ash and Madelyn:

In this demonstration segment, I convert yet another never-before squirter, Coach Madelyn, with the help of Coach Ash. If you’re ready to take things up a notch, follow along and teach another lucky lady this technique as I show Coach Ash how to make other girls squirt too.

Double Squirt:

At this point you’re probably beaming with pride on perfecting your technique. If you’re up for it, watch and learn as I attempt this never-before seen task to make two girls squirt with both my hands at the same exact time.

3-Way Squirt:

You probably have your “spider man” technique down to a science right now, maybe even on both hands too. Now I’ll show you how to bring even more excitement to 3-some’s with your newly perfected craft and have even more explosions of pleasure at your hands…literally.

Squirting Penetration Orgasms:

Believe it or not, mixing squirting with penetration is not as easy as it may sound. In this series, I show you specific angles and techniques to enhancing her squirting experience with penetrational sex.

Demonstration with Veronica:

Not many women can squirt with penetration, but I’ll make it work for you. Here you’ll find out why size doesn’t matter and learn the specific angles to thrust in order to give her an erupting squirting climax.

Squirt-Building Penetration:

Relaxing and letting loose is key to making a woman squirt…and the best way to distract her is through highly stimulating penetrational sex. Coach Madelyn is new to squirting so I take a different approach to get her at the highest level of arousal. Watch and learn how you too can use penetration to hit both her g-spot and urethral sponge at the same time.

Squirting Orgasm Wizardry:

Upgrade your squirting experience and follow along as I wrap up this cutting edge sequel with all-encompassing demonstrations on seasoned squirters. In this series, you’ll learn how to continue spicing up her sexual satisfaction long after her first squirt.

Demonstration with Veronica- Coach Veronica and I come together again in this ultimate combination demo of clitoral, g-spot, and penetrational stimulation to give your girl a full-on massive squirt. Challenge yourself and follow along as us pioneers of squirting show you different ways to spice up your technique and multiply her squirting “o”s once you’re in a more advanced level of practice.

Full-Body Foreplay with Annie:

Take special note of how I use Coach Annie’s entire body from head to toe to have her squirting with ease. Find out why foreplay is necessary for squirting and how engaging in it longer can increase the intensity of her squirt.

Demonstration with Alyssa:

In this final demonstration segment, I review everything you need to know to develop the “special touch” necessary to become a squirting orgasm master. See if you have what it takes once and for all to produce the magic necessary to give her the “out of body” orgasmic experience she”s been dying to have.

When You’re Finished

Whether you’re looking to pop her squirting cherry, double the doses with two lucky girls, or give a veteran her longest, strongest squirt yet, this instructional program is guaranteed to cater to all your sexual squirting endeavors.

Watch as many times as you need to and remember to enjoy yourself along the way. If you have difficulty the first time, come back and revisit whatever segment best caters to yours (and her) needs and really take the time to practice and perfect this highly skilled craft, using these videos as your guide.

Once you’re able to give her a squirting orgasm and continually enhance that intensely erotic experience, you’ll see changes in her overall level of arousal. You yourself will even experience a heightened increase in your own sexual confidence from being able to achieve this sexual feat.

After obtaining this mastery level, you can be sure to never look at sex the same again…and you can be sure she’ll never look at another man again either.

Now you can proudly consider yourself one of the elite 1% of men who actually knows how to give a woman the most sought-after sexual experience of a lifetime: the squirting orgasm.

So, congratulations, Mate…I can now consider you a fellow squirting orgasm master!

And I hope you’ve enjoyed this wonderful journey as much as I have…because I know she will.

Your Coach and Mate,
Marcus London

P.S – I’m really happy you’ve joined me in this special decision to get the ultimate advantage in your sex life…and I wanna hear all about it, mate! So don’t forget to write me and let me know how everything went at Marcus@squirtingmastery.com